Street Seats

Welcome to the 2023 GM Financial Parade of Lights Street Seats Portal!

Street Seats will go on sale at 10:00 AM on August 15, 2023!

The parade will enter Downtown on beginning at Throckmorton and Weatherford Streets, moves south on Commerce Street to 9th Street, over to Houston Street, and north to 2nd Street. It proceeds west on 2nd to Throckmorton, then south to 3rd where the parade will end. Please note the staging area is located in all areas west of Throckmorton Street. The parade will NOT be moving in these areas. For complete route information please click here.

Seats are individually marked and reserved (See the Seat Map to plan your location). All seating areas consist of chairs.

Please be aware that traffic can be an issue, and we encourage everyone to try and park before 4:00 PM and enjoy the holiday environment of Downtown prior to moving to your seats. Please go to for information about parking throughout Downtown. If you are unable to make it to your seats in time, we will be unable to issue a refund.

Seating Information:

  • Front Row Seats (ROW A) – each section has a front row, and these seats are available for purchase.
  • Seats consist of chairs and all sections are three rows deep
  • Discounts are available for seniors (60 and older) and children (12 and younger), as well as for the purchase of Family Fun Packs (four tickets purchased at one time). Infants, as long as they can sit in a lap, will not need a reserved seat.
  • With very few exceptions, all sidewalks around the parade route are open for free viewing.
  • All street seats are accessible.
  • The sections are coded as follows:
    • All Sections marked, “W,” as in, “W11, W12, etc.,” are on Weatherford Street in front of the County Courthouse
    • All Sections marked, “C,” as in, “C103, C503, etc.,” are on Commerce Street
    • All Sections marked, “N,” as in, “N11, N13 or N15,” are on 9th Street in front of the Convention Center.
    • All Sections marked, “H,” as in, “H101, H304, H701, H902, etc.,” are on Houston Street.
    • All Sections marked, “S,” as in, “S202, S204, S206, etc.” are on Second Street.
    • All Sections marked, “T,” as in, “T301, T302, T306, etc.,” are on Throckmorton Street.


  • Traffic becomes congested downtown beginning at 3:00 PM. We encourage you to take Trinity Metro buses to the Fort Worth Central Station in Downtown to enjoy the shops and restaurants and avoid the traffic congestion, but check their Sunday schedule – most routes will conclude at 8:15 that evening. Trinity Metro TEXRail will be running on Sunday. NOTE: THE TRE WILL NOT BE RUNNING ON SUNDAY!
  • TRAFFIC NOTE  (IMPORTANT): Streets Downtown will close at 4PM to prepare the route for staging. Please plan accordingly.
  • The parade route itself becomes congested around 4:00 PM, and it becomes difficult to actually get to your seats if you arrive later than 4:30.
  • We cannot issue refunds if you are unable to arrive at your seats due to traffic or pedestrian congestion – please plan accordingly.
  • Check out all of our Parking and Access information prior to your journey to plan a seamless experience – go to for more information on parking availability!
  • Portable restrooms are set up around the parade route for use by all patrons.

For further information, please email us.